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How to Decide Whether to Replace or to Continue to Use Your Data Storage Solution

As your stored data continues to grow on a daily basis, one of the considerations that every IT Manager faces is how to most cost-effectively store data. There are many considerations to take into account when managing stored data to include how readily the data needs to be accessed as there are varying costs involved. [...]

The Rising Importance of Data Storage Equipment in Break-Fix Support Services

As the volume of data that needs to be stored and backed up continues to grow for most organizations at an exponential rate, data storage has become an increasing focus for most IT Managers. Here are some of the key reasons that the support of data storage systems is increasingly strategic in the break-fix equipment [...]

Common Customer Objections Regarding 3rd Party Support for Storage Devices

Considering Considering the transition from OEM service and support to a 3rd party solution is a serious decision to make for your customers as it can mean significant annual savings to an IT budget and provide the opportunity to extend the useful life of their established data storage solutions. It does not compromise the quality of [...]