ISC Group White Paper Library

The ISC Group technical team has gathered a large amount of in-depth knowledge on many data storage systems over the years. Besides on-site/online training and technical videos, we’re also putting together an ISC Group white paper library to share our knowledge and experience about the ins and outs of data storage products. We encourage you to click on any of the article links below to view a PDF and download the articles for future reference.

The rising importance of data storage equipment in break-fix support services:

As most organizations see their storage and backup data volume increase, IT Managers are focusing more and more on the health of their data storage equipment. There are several reasons why the technical support of data storage systems is becoming increasingly strategic in the break-fix equipment service market.

Winning data storage equipment service contracts with accurate RFQs:

Customers appreciate service providers who to thoroughly discuss their data storage support needs in order to provide an accurate quote. A quote that doesn’t list all of the data storage equipment to be covered under contract can lead to misunderstanding and higher costs down the road. Find out what should and shouldn’t be included in a service contract quote when it comes to your data storage needs.


    Brunch with Arctic Wolf and ISC Group: Webinar
    Together, ISC Group and Arctic Wolf are on a mission to End Cyber Risk. Once registered, you will receive a Starbucks gift card so grab a coffee and join us for a Security focused brunch.
    ISC Group LLC Acquires Mosaic Technology Corporation Direct Sales Division
    ISC Group LLC Acquires Mosaic Technology Corporation Direct Sales Division San Diego, CA, September 30, 2021 – Maintenance and storage provider, ISC Group LLC, acquired the direct sales division of Mosaic Technology Corporation, a global reseller and solutions provider based in Portsmouth, NH. Agile Equity served as the exclusive...
    Why is Third Party Maintenance the Best Option?
    IT hardware represents an important investment for an IT manager. This is why they often sign contracts for maintenance and support with the Original  Equipment Manufacturer (the OEM). It makes sense to prepare for the future when systems need maintenance, however, OEM companies no longer have the monopoly on...
    IT Guide to Data Center Maintenance
    Data centers: they’re like banks in that they are valuable repositories that perform important functions of input and output. Data centers have been around for decades, and they’ve held military secrets, transfer of essential information in commerce and banking, and even our private and personal data. Data centers in...
    The Definitive Guide to Third Party Maintenance
    On Premise Equipment vs the Cloud Don’t Waste Budget Money: The Benefits of Considering Hybrid Support and Third-Party Maintenance  Maintaining your company’s IT hardware involves knowledgeable decisions and management, especially important practices in today’s technologically advanced environment. Proactive in nature, proper decision-making and management reduces time and effort in the future. Third-party...
    How to Protect Your Data Center?
    Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn It seems like almost every day, another story about a massive data breach hits the news. When this happens, the consequences to a corporation can be tremendous. Data breaches fuel feelings of mistrust. Data protection and cyber security is a hot...
    Disk vs Tape vs Cloud: what's the correct storage equipment for your business?
    If you run a business, no matter how large or small, storing your critical information should be considered a basic necessity. With so many storage options out there, how do you decide which is best for your company? Here is the inside scoop on three of the most popular...
    5 data storage cost saving strategies
    In today’s competitive landscape, companies are turning to computers and digital information to help gain an edge in their field. This means that as technology becomes more ingrained in customers’ lives, the volume and need for big data increases with it. Naturally, due to this emphasis on digital information,...
    5 Benefits of Using Tape Data Storage Compared to Cloud
    If your business is a large one, then data is most likely the lifeblood of your organization. By leveraging information on your customers, you can further customize both the purchase cycle and the actual product or service you sell . By using data, you can also improve your digital...