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How to Decide Whether to Replace or to Continue to Use Your Data Storage Solution

As your stored data continues to grow on a daily basis, one of the considerations that every IT Manager faces is how to most cost-effectively store data. There are many considerations to take into account when managing stored data to include how readily the data needs to be accessed as there are varying costs involved.  Depending on whether specific data needs to be accessed immediately, or whether its archival data, there can be a significant effect based on how and/or where the data is stored, in addition to the cost of the data storage equipment being utilized. It is important to ensure that you are realizing a maximum ROI on your data storage infrastructure as your organization’s data storage needs [...]

How to Select a Data Storage Service Provider

Your data - its security, stability and reliable access - are one of your organization's most critical assets. Ensuring that your organization's data is consistently accessible and reliably backed up, in case of unforeseen disaster, are top priories for effective IT management. There are many costs associated with your data storage infrastructure, therefore, many factors should be considered to ensure your various levels of data storage needs and support of your storage infrastructure maximize your return on investment (ROI). Addressing performance, needs, and reliability with cost per MB for continuously growing amounts of stored data is a fine balancing act. There are various ways to maximize your ROI when it comes to data storage. One of the most significant ways [...]