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Need to have your StorageTek SL8500 Tape Library serviced or repaired? We've got you covered.

For your convenience, ISC offers depot repair services for you STK SL8500 Tape Library and drives. 

Our depot repair center staff has the ability to service and repair virtually all issues with your StorageTek SL8500 tape library and StorageTek SL8500 tape drives.

All you have to do is ship your STK SL8500 tape library, power supply, SL8500 tape drive, picker assembly, or another StorageTek SL8500 tape library part into ISC Group. 

We complete all the work in our San Diego, CA facility. Most depot repairs are returned within five business days of receipt. All completed repairs are tested in our Lab to ensure their proper functioning.

We will evaluate it, determine the issue and provide an estimate for repair.

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The  StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System accommodates scalable growth up to 500 PB native (or 1 exabyte with 2:1 compression), making it an extremely flexible and compact option for intelligent archiving of vital corporate information. The STK SL8500 features RealTime Growth capability, allowing the addition of slots and drives, and the robotics to serve them, while it continues to operate. It is equipped with four or eight robots working in parallel to provide a multi-threaded solution. This reduces queuing, especially during peak work periods. Robots travel one-third to one-half the distance required by other similar libraries, improving cartridge-to-drive performance. Drives, power supplies, library control cards, and robotics are hot swappable. With redundant robotics and an integrated service safety door, the  StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System can continue to operate while a failed robot is replaced.

The STK SL8500 offers a highly flexible solution for partitioning, sharing, and managing. Native physical partitioning requires no extra hardware or software, and up to eight partitions can be created. The StorageTek SL8500 modular library system can be shared across heterogeneous environments, such as Oracle’s Solaris, Linux, AS/400, mainframe, UNIX, and Windows NT environments, so you can easily match the library configuration to your backup requirements.

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  • Supports a combination of 64 to 4481 tape drives including the Sun StorageTek T10000, T9840, T9940 lines of tape drives along with LTO, SDLT, and DLT-S4 tape drives
  • Tape cartridges: 1,000 – 100,000
  • Capacity 10,000 – 1,000,000 TB
  • Supported host platforms: Solaris, Linux, AS/400, UNIX, and Windows NT

For post-warranty peace of mind, ISC Group offers its proprietary remote monitoring software called ICS-CHS™. ICS-CHS Call Home Service monitors the health and proper function of your StorageTek SL8500 Tape Library. It also ensures 24/7 protection of your critical information systems by alerting you as soon as problems occur.

ISC’s highly qualified and certified technical staff can provide hardware maintenance support services and repair for the StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System. Our maintenance contracts and services cost typically 50-70% less than what original manufacturers charge.