HP Compaq StorageWorks ESL9326 Tape Library

Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair Services

The HP Compaq StorageWorks ESL9326 Tape Library provides high-capacity, reliable automated backup and restore capabilities for enterprise-level storage needs. Equipped with 326 media slots and up to 16 Compaq 35/70 DLT tape drives, the StorageWorks ESL9326 offers up to 22.8 TB of data storage (using 2:1 compression) and native transfer rates up to 288 GB/hr. The Compaq ESL9326’s multi-unit scalability means up to five libraries can be scaled together in a virtual library, using Passthrough kit to provide a maximum of 80 drives and 1630 cartridges. With redundant power distribution, power supplies, and cooling fans, the ESL9326 offers high availability for continuous operation. It also uses “hot pluggable” drive carriers, allowing drive replacement and additional drives to be added for capacity expansion without interrupting backup and restore functions. The ESL9326 features Compaq Insight Manager™ 4.40, which provides information about robotic, tape status changes, and fault status of redundant components, and Compaq TSMC (Tape Storage Management Console) software for tape library management and diagnostics. With a PCI backplane incorporated into its architecture, the StorageWords ESL9326 can easily accept product enhancements such as Fibre Channel cards, network administration cards, hardware RAIT, or a library thin server card for direct NAS control.

HP StorageWorks ESL9326 Tape Library Features:

  • Supports 6 to 16 Compaq 35/70 DLT drives for native transfer rates up to 288 GB/hr in a single library
  • Stores up to 11.4 TB of native data capacity in a single library
  • Allows for multi-unit configurations up to five modules for a maximum configuration of 57 TB in capacity, or 60 to 80 Compaq 35/70 DLT drives for up to 1.44 TB/hr of performance
  • User friendly GUI touch screen control panel allows for user intervention, set-up, control and failure status
  • 2 x 6 cartridge removable magazines
  • Redundant power, 2N power supplies, and redundant cooling fans for high availability
  • Hot swap power supplies, fans, and DLT drive canisters
  • Supported operating systems: MS Windows 2000 & Windows NT, NetWare 4.12, Tru64 Unix v4.0E, v4.0F, and v5.0A and later, Open VMS v7.1-2 and 7.2-1

ISC’s highly qualified and certified technical staff can provide hardware maintenance support services and repair for the HP ESL9326 Tape Library. Our maintenance contracts and services cost typically 50-70% less than what original manufacturers charge.

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