HP Compaq StorageWorks ESL 9198DLX Tape Library

Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair Services

The HP Compaq StorageWorks ESL 9198DLX Tape Library features up to eight Compaq 40/80 GB DLT drives and a Low Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI Interface for customers with large server pools and centralized backup and restore requirements, serviced by network attached storage devices or storage area networks. It provides backup and restore capabilities of up to 7.92 TB of native backup and restore capacity and 172.8 GB/hr of backup performance, in a 0.59 sq. m of footprint. The ESL 9198DLX has the capability for multi-unit scalability; up to 5 libraries can be scaled together in a virtual library using passthrough kit. The ESL 9198DLX can be scaled with ESL9326DX or other ESL9198DLX libraries.

The HP Compaq StorageWorks ESL 9198DLX uses hot pluggable DLT drive carriers, allowing drives replacement and additional DLT drives to be added for capacity expansion without interrupting backup and restore functions. These hot pluggable drive trays allow for easy scalability of performance, as well as provide an easy upgrade path towards future DLT drive technologies. It also features redundant AC power, power supplies fans for continuous availability.

HP Compaq StorageWorks ESL 9198DLX Tape Library Features:

  • Minimum configuration 2 Compaq 40/80 DLT drives; native transfer rates up to 43.2 GB/hr
  • Maximum configuration 8 Compaq 40/80 DLT drives, 198 cartridge slots; native transfer rates up to 172.8 GB/hr
  • Multi-unit scalability up to 40 drives and 870 slots
  • Storage capacity: 198 DLT IV cartridges for native capacity up to 7.92 TB native, 15.84 TB compressed (2:1)
  • Multi-unit scalability: 34.8 TB native, 69.6 TB compressed (2:1)
  • Input/output port: 2 x 6-slot removable magazines
  • Initialization time: < 5 minutes
  • Tape access time: < 22 seconds
  • Up to 135 swaps/hr
  • Hot plug capability drives, redundant AC power, power supplies and fans
  • Multiple platforms support: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Tru64 UNIX, NetWare and OpenVMS

ISC’s highly qualified and certified technical staff can provide hardware maintenance support services and repair for the HP ESL 9198DLX Tape Library. Our maintenance contracts and services cost typically 50-70% less than what original manufacturers charge.

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