HP StorageWorks ESL E-Series Tape Library

Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair Services

The HP StorageWorks ESL E-Series Tape Library contains 322 to 712 LTO cartridges and can scale up to 2136TB of compressed (2:1) storage capacity with a transfer rate of up to 24.2 TB/hr compressed (2:1). The ESL E-Series achieves drive densities up to 205TB of compressed (2:1) storage capacity per square foot. It can be managed as a single library with up to five frames containing up to 3546 Ultrium tape cartridges and up to 44 tape drives. The ESL E-Series supports a mixture of LTO-5 Ultrium 3280 fiber channel and LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 fiber channel technology. The ESL E-Series Tape Library provides the ability to easily partition the library into up to six logical tape libraries to adapt to ongoing changes that take place in the SAN environment.

The HP ESL E-Series tape library’s full integration into the HP Extended Tape Library Architecture (ETLA) protects against SAN event disruptions caused by rogue I/O requests from applications or servers. ETLA provides backup and restore reliability by preventing such requests from interrupting the backup or recovery processes. ETLA simplifies the installation and integration of the library into the SAN with point-and-click integration process.

HP StorageWorks ESL E-Series Tape Library Features:

  • 322 to 3546 cartridge slots (LTO Ultrium drives), 286-3138 cartridge slots (SDLT drives)
  • Up to 24 tape drives in a single frame; up to 44 drives with up to five E-Series frames using the ESL E-Series Cross Link Kit and ESL E-Series Cross Link Expansion Kit
  • Storage capacity 5673TB (LTO-4) or 1182 TB (SDLT)
  • Data transfer rate 38 TB/hr (compressed 2:1)
  • Tape drives supported LTO-4 Ultrium 1840, LTO-3 Ultrium 960, SDLT 600
  • 2GB or 4 GB fiber channel interface
  • TapeAssure to manage drive and media health, utilization, lifecycle, performance monitoring and tracking
  • Web-based, centralized user interface; telnet interface on Interface Manager card
  • Operating systems supported: HP-UX, AIX, Linux, NetWare, OVMS, Tru64, Solaris, Windows

ISC’s highly qualified and certified technical staff can provide hardware maintenance support services and repair for the HP ESL E-Series Tape Library. Our maintenance contracts and services cost typically 50-70% less than what original manufacturers charge.

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