The NetApp FAS3040 supports file services FC, ISCSI, NFS. CIFS  and offers scalability to higher performance systems. It features a 64 bit controller and 126 TB of storage. It’s ideal for a small to mid-range datacenter, business applications. FAS3040 delivers high-end enterprise storage and data management.

For post-warranty peace of mind, ISC Group offers its proprietary remote monitoring software called ISC-CHS™. ISC-CHS Call Home Service monitors the health and proper function of your NetApp Disk Array. It also ensures 24/7 protection of your critical information systems by alerting you as soon as problems occur.

  • Raw Capacity: 336 TB
  • Networking support: FC, ISCSI, NFS, CIFS
  • Fibre Channel SATA
  • Max Drives: 336
  • PCL Expansion Slots: 6 PCL Express
  • 8 GB Cache
  • Base 8×4 GB/SEC Fibre Channel Ports

Disks Supported on New Configurations

  • FC – 144 GB, 300 GB ; SATA – 250 GB, 500 GB Disks

Disks Supported for Legacy (Controller Upgrade) Configurations

FC 36GB, 72GB, 144GB, 300GB disks; SATA 250GB, 320GB, 500GB disks

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