NetApp F330 Disk Array System

Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair Services

The NetApp F330 Disk Array System features the PCI bus architecture, a 90-MHz Pentium chip, and a total storage capacity of 80 gigabytes. The NetApp F330 is ideal for mission-critical, high-performance file server environments. The NetApp F330 includes the Network Appliance’s proprietary operating software that combines a high-performance file system with tightly integrated NFS and RAID technology. It helps enable the NetApp F330 Disk Array to deliver server throughput of 1,143 NFS operations at 10 msec access times to enable users on corporate NFS networks to quickly access stored data.

For post-warranty peace of mind, ISC Group offers its proprietary remote monitoring software called ISC-CHS™. ISC-CHS Call Home Service monitors the health and proper function of your NetApp Disk Array. It also ensures 24/7 protection of your critical information systems by alerting you as soon as problems occur.

NetApp F330 Disk Array Features:

  • Maximum storage capacity: 80 GB

ISC’s highly qualified and certified technical staff can provide hardware maintenance support services and repair for the NetApp F330 Disk Array. Our maintenance contracts and services cost typically 50-70% less than what original manufacturers charge.

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