The NetApp E2700 storage system Is well suited for small and midsize organizations, you can choose from three systems 4u/60, 2u/24 and 2u/12 and three forms of connectivity, FC, iSCSI or SAS. The E2700 uses SANtricity Storage Manager software. It enables intelligent cache and extended data protection, including data replication and disaster recovery RAID management, performance efficiency and dynamic drive rebalancing
For post-warranty peace of mind, ISC Group offers its proprietary remote monitoring software called ISC-CHS™. ISC-CHS Call Home Service monitors the health and proper function of your NetApp Disk Array. It also ensures 24/7 protection of your critical information systems by alerting you as soon as problems occur.

• System Memory: 8 or 16GB
• Included Host I/O Ports: 4 Port 12GB SAS
• Optional Host I/O Ports: 4 Ports or 8 Ports 10GB iSCSI (copper)
4 Ports or 8 Ports 10GB iSCSI (optical)
4 ports or 8 ports 16GB FC
4 ports or 8 ports 12GB SAS
• Supported Operating Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server, Apple Mac OS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle Solaris, HP, HP-UX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, IBM AIX, VMware ESX, CentOS.

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