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We provide leading NetApp maintenance and repair services for your post warranty, end of life (EOL), and End of Service Life (EOSL) NetApp Storage System. ISC’s highly qualified and certified NetApp technical staff can provide both phone and on-site technical support, and hardware repair/maintenance for almost all NetApp Disk Arrays.

Our NetApp maintenance contracts and services will allow you to extend the useful life of your storage system, while keeping it running, and in good condition for many years, even after the hardware’s End of Service Life date. Our customers have an average cost savings of up to 60% for a NetApp maintenance contract vs an OEM maintenance contract.

NetApp Maintenance Contracts

Whether you are looking for a 5×9, or a 24×7 maintenance contract, we have you covered. Our global NetApp support resources allow us to be flexible, and offer you the ability to create a customized, and unique NetApp maintenance plan that caters to your business needs.

When the manufacturer’s warranty expires for your NetApp storage device, post-warranty maintenance agreements are often the most economical solution to maintain the health of your storage infrastructure. That’s why we offer flexible NetApp hardware maintenance contracts to meet your unique IT needs.

Post Warranty NetApp Storage SLA Options

We offer several types of post-warranty NetApp Storage System SLA options (Service Level Agreements) depending on your configuration, support and maintenance needs. Choose the SLA that works best for your company:

  • 7x24x4 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day, same day, 4-hour response time)
  • 5x9x4 (5 days a week, 9 hours a day, same day, 4-hour response time)
  • NBD (next business day)
  • Customized SLA to meet your unique requirements

 NetApp Maintenance Contract Options

We know being able to extend the life cycle of your NetApp disk array, has a direct effect on your bottom line. That’s why we offer several types of contract options to match your unique NetApp support needs, and budget requirements:

  • Data storage full support agreements: when you need scheduled maintenance, replacement parts, technical phone support and a dedicated on-site field engineer​
  • Data storage shared support agreements: when you already have local field engineers or technical personnel and you simply need scheduled maintenance, replacement parts and / or technical phone support.

Need Your NetApp Storage Device Repaired On-site?

ISC Group can get a field engineer on-site fast, for repairs, and service of your NetApp Storage Array. In order to minimize the downtime of your storage system, we offer on-site maintenance 24/7.

We understand that for a variety of reasons your Hitachi storage device may not be covered under a maintenance contract, even though it will require service at some point during its lifetime. Without coverage from a service contract, our field service engineers can still provide a wide range of NetApp support and maintenance services for a set hourly rate.

For your convenience we only bill you for time and materials, without requiring a current maintenance contract.

If you’re in need of NetApp Storage repair services, please click the Request for Service button below. 

Does your IT staff just need a little support with your NetApp Disk Array? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  • Technical Telephone Support is available for NetApp Storage Systems, from ISC Group.
  • We can offer accurate and intelligent support to your IT staff, walking them through troubleshooting and repairs for your NetApp Disk Array System.

Advanced Exchange Program:

Sometimes technical support over the phone isn’t enough to help you fix the problems with your NetApp Storage Device, on site. Or maybe your Disk Array has a malfunctioning hard drive, which needs to be replaced by a qualified technician. Our NetApp advance exchange program is a fast, and reliable solution to have your equipment up and running quickly.

If you’re looking to minimize downtime on your Storage Array, and avoid on-site technical support or maintenance, you can take advantage of our cost-effective Advance Exchange / Hot Swap program.

As soon as you contact us to report your issue, we can immediately ship a replacement unit overnight to your location to get you up and running. You then ship your NetApp Storage System equipment to our service center, where our certified NetApp maintenance technicians will service and repair it, and then ship it back to your facility to keep as a spare for any future issues.

Key Benefits of Letting ISC handle your Netapp maintenance and repair services:

  • Post warranty support to continue the life of your product.
  • We go above and beyond NetApp OEM services at a fraction of the cost.
  • Experienced, certified NetApp maintenance engineers.
  • All parts and spares kits are stored at forward stocking locations close to the storage device location.
  • Every part that leaves our warehouse is tested in the identical NetApp storage device that you own. 
  • Flexibility to customize any level of service to cater to the needs of your company.

All parts used in our NetApp contracts are not only original, but they are tested in our own in-house lab, and in the same NetApp Storage system that you own. This is done under strict quality control procedures, to ensure you get industry leading NetApp service.

Every one of our parts that are used for your NetApp maintenance contract, and storage system repair are placed in a forward stocking location close enough to your equipment site location in order to meet all of the different types of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

All of our maintenance, and support services are designed for one thing. To extend the life of your NetApp Storage System for years to come after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Stop overpaying for NetApp maintenance. Save money, while virtually eliminating downtime with ISC Group’s NetApp service options

We currently support he following NetApp Storage Array models for maintenance and repair services:


NetApp F85

NetApp F520

NetApp FAS2240

NetApp FAS3040

NetApp FAS3210

NetApp FAS3270

NetApp FAS6080

NetApp FAS6250

NetApp FAS8040

NetApp FAS9000

NetApp C6100

NetApp C2100

NetApp F330

NetApp F810

NetApp F880

NetApp FAS940

NetApp FAS3050

NetApp F87

NetApp F540

NetApp FAS2520

NetApp FAS3140

NetApp FAS3220

NetApp FAS6030

NetApp FAS6210

NetApp FAS6280

NetApp FAS8060

NetApp E2700

NetApp C1100

NetApp C3100

NetApp F720

NetApp F820

NetApp FAS250

NetApp FAS960

NetApp FAS3070

NetApp F210

NetApp F630

NetApp FAS2552

NetApp FAS3160

NetApp FAS3240

NetApp FAS6040

NetApp FAS6220

NetApp FAS6290

NetApp FAS8080

NetApp E2800

NetApp C1105

NetApp C720

NetApp F740

NetApp F825

NetApp FAS270

NetApp FAS980

NetApp FAS6070

NetApp F330

NetApp FAS2220

NetApp FAS2554

NetApp FAS3170

NetApp FAS3250

NetApp FAS6070

NetApp FAS6240

NetApp FAS8020

NetApp FAS8200

NetApp E5600

NetApp C1200

NetApp F220

NetApp F760

NetApp F840

NetApp FAS920

NetApp FAS3020

NetApp R150

NetApp R200


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Post Warranty Maintenance & Repair Services

We offer ISC-CHS™ Call Home Service, Monitoring Software Tool capable of monitoring almost any NetApp Models.

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