HP StorageWorks EVA6000

Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair Services

The HP EVA6000 meets application specific demands for transaction I/O performance for the mid-range customers. It provides easy capacity expansion, instantaneous replication, and simplified storage administration. The EVA 6000 consists of a 4U FC dual HSV200 controller assembly and four 14-bay Model M5314A FC Drive Enclosures. The controller and drive enclosures are independent of each other to allow a wide range of configuration options. The HP EVA6000 is designed to address moderate capacity needs ranging (from 1.15 – 33.6 TB), as well as high performance options in commercial environments. The bundled models are factory rack-mounted in either an EVA cabinet (based on the HP rack 10000 series – choice of 42U, 36U and 22U heights) or Rack System/E cabinets (choice of 41U, 33U and 25U heights).

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array 6000 Features:

  • Up to 8 drive enclosures per cabinet
  • Up to 14 disk drives per disk drive enclosure
  • 16 to 112 drives
  • Capacity 1.15 TB to 33.6 TB
  • Dynamic capacity expansion (in 1 GB increments)
  • Up to 1024 virtual disks (256 per HBA) ranging from 1 GB to 2 TB per virtual disk, in 1GB increments
  • Dual-ported 2 Gb/s FC disk drives and dual-ported Fibre Attached
  • Virtual RAID Arrays (Vraid0, Vraid1, Vraid5)
  • Supports connection of up to 256 hosts
  • Hot swappable
  • Command View EVA GUI Interface for management and monitoring (manages up to 16 EVAs)
  • Supported operating systems: HP–UX, HP Tru64, HP Open VMS, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft windows 2000, Sun Solaris, IBM–AIX, Linux

ISC’s highly qualified and certified technical staff can provide hardware maintenance support services and repair for the HP StorageWorks EVA 6000. Our maintenance contracts and services cost typically 50-70% less than what original manufacturers charge.

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