HP StorageWorks EVA5000

Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair Services

The EVA5000 features up to 168 disk drives per cabinet along with a pair of controllers and 3U additional space for options. The 42U Graphite EVA5000 cabinets support up to twelve 3U 14-bay M5314A FC disk enclosures for a maximum EVA5000 cabinet capacity of 35 TB usable and up to 70 TB raw disk capacity (depending on Vraid type used) using 250 GB FATA or 300 GB high performance drives and an M3220 controller assembly containing a pair of HSV110 controllers. An expansion cabinet allows up to 240 disks per EVA5000.

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array 5000 Features:

  • Support for up to 240 disk drives per controller pair
  • Up to 14 devices per disk enclosure (168 devices per 42U EVA cabinet and up to 240 with a utility cabinet)
  • Management of up to 512 virtual disks (256 per HBA) ranging from 1 GB to 2 TB per virtual disk
  • Dynamic capacity expansion (in 1 GB increments)
  • 36 GB, 72 GB and 146 GB 10K rpm drives; 36 GB and 72 GB 15K rpm drives supported
  • Cache per controller: 1024 MB
  • Virtual RAID Arrays (Vraid0, Vraid1, Vraid5)
  • Support for dual-ported 2 Gb FC disk drives and dual-ported Fibre Attached Technology Adapted (FATA) drives
  • Supports connection of up to 256 hosts
  • Hot swappable
  • Command View EVA GUI Interface for management and monitoring (manages up to 16 EVAs)

ISC’s highly qualified and certified technical staff can provide hardware maintenance support services and repair for the HP StorageWorks EVA 5000. Our maintenance contracts and services cost typically 50-70% less than what original manufacturers charge.

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