HP Remote Monitoring

With the ISC-CHS™ Call Home Service, HP remote monitoring is available as soon as the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. Proprietary to ISC Group, the ISC-CHS remote monitoring and maintenance software tool is available for the following HP disk array models:

This ISC-CHS tool allows 24/7 HP remote monitoring and only requires an internet connection or a dedicated phone line to function. ISC support engineers can install it remotely (preferred method) or a local field engineer can download it from a FTP link or CD ROM into the unit’s integrated laptop or internal server (SVP) for the enterprise units, or a network PC for the mid-range and modular units. This will allow the HP disk array to connect with ISC’s remote monitoring servers.

The ISC-CHS tool is proactive and notifies the ISC technical team every time there is a hardware failure with the HP disk array by sending a package message to the ISC analyzer servers. These servers will decode the message and forward the error log to an e-mail server that will send an e-mail or text message to the ISC help desk. At that moment a service ticket is open. If the end user allows it, ISC support technicians will access the unit remotely to troubleshoot and fix the problem if possible. If the problem requires a field engineer on site, ISC will dispatch one with the correct parts to be replaced. By the time the end user finds out there is a problem with the HP disk array, ISC will already be working on fixing it.

ISC-CHS also includes a heartbeat feature, which checks the connection between the the data storage systems and the ISC servers on a daily basis. If for any reason connection is lost, ISC will receive an alert and inform the end user right away.

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