On-Site Professional Services

At ISC Group, we understand that your  equipment maintenance needs sometimes go beyond depot repair, advance exchange and technical support over the phone. That’s why we also offer an extensive choice of on-site  services performed by professional Field Engineers, including:

Decommissioning Removal & Destruction

When facing end-of-life decisions about your data storage equipment, you want to make sure your company meets all legal and environmental legislation requirements. You also want to ensure your sensitive data will be securely handled and destroyed.

Data Storage Equipment Upgrades

If your company’s IT needs have outgrown your current data storage systems, ISC can help you upgrade your equipment. We can also assist you in reconfiguring and re-deploy your old data storage equipment to be used in another company area or location, if you’re not ready to decommission it just yet.

Data Storage Equipment Reconditioning

Reconditioning is a cost-effective solution to extend the life of your out-of-warranty data storage equipment.

Data Center Move

Many companies find themselves in the position of having to relocate their data centers due to the space, power and/or cooling limitations of their current facilities. Companies may also need to perform data center consolidation after mergers and acquisitions.

You can request a quote from us regarding any of these on-site services by clicking on the Request for Quote by clicking HERE.