dell equallogic series end of life (eol) dates

Need support for your Hitachi storage array?

Now supporting EOL/EOSL Hardware

model end of service life (eosl) date
PS100E 04/18/2013
PS4000E 10/10/2016
PS4000X N/A
PS5000E 08/19/2014
PS5000X 08/19/2014
PS5000XV 08/19/2014
PS5500E 08/19/2014
PS6000E 11/11/2016
PS6000X 11/11/2018
PS6000XV 11/11/2018
PS6010E 06/26/2017
PS6010X 06/26/2019
PS6010XV 06/26/2019
PS6000S 11/30/2018
PS6000SXV 11/30/2018

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