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How Can Big Data be Used in Healthcare?

When you think of the healthcare field, you probably think first of doctors’ offices, hospitals and even pharmacies. Technology, and more specifically the big data advantages behind it, isn’t necessarily something that initially comes to mind. In the past, data was all written, physically filed and rarely ever shared. However, as advancements have continued [...]

Why is Magnetic Tape Here to Stay in the Data Storage Industry?

Whether you are new to the data storage industry or are considered a veteran in it, you have probably heard of magnetic tape. While there are a number of tape models and libraries, the basic concept of tape storage has stayed constant through the years. Tape data storage traces its origins way back before [...]

How to Reduce The Costs of Recovery Data Centers

How to Reduce The Costs of Recovery Data Centers Digital data has become one of, if not the most, crucial component of the daily operations for many businesses. If this data disappears or gets damaged, there can be detrimental consequences to the infrastructure and ultimately, the bottom line of the company. In order to [...]

Why is tape data storage still alive and strong?

Why is tape data storage still alive and strong? As more and more companies digitize their critical operations, storage and back up strategies have become hot topics. When so much of your company’s lifeblood is internet-based, having a reliable data storage method can ensure operations are virtually never interrupted, even in the event of [...]

ISC Group LLC Acquires Two Arizona Based Hardware and Maintenance Companies

San Diego, California: ISC Group, LLC a global provider of IT Third Party Maintenance is proud to announce the acquisition of storage hardware company InStock Inc. and 3rd party maintenance and service company Strategic Support Solutions LLC. These three companies have shared a close relationship for many years, and will combine their product [...]

How to Decide Whether to Replace or to Continue to Use Your Data Storage Solution

As your stored data continues to grow on a daily basis, one of the considerations that every IT Manager faces is how to most cost-effectively store data. There are many considerations to take into account when managing stored data to include how readily the data needs to be accessed as there are varying costs involved.  [...]

The Rising Importance of Data Storage Equipment in Break-Fix Support Services

As the volume of data that needs to be stored and backed up continues to grow for most organizations at an exponential rate, data storage has become an increasing focus for most IT Managers. Here are some of the key reasons that the support of data storage systems is increasingly strategic in the break-fix equipment [...]

How to Select a Data Storage Service Provider

Your data - its security, stability and reliable access - are one of your organization's most critical assets. Ensuring that your organization's data is consistently accessible and reliably backed up, in case of unforeseen disaster, are top priories for effective IT management. There are many costs associated with your data storage infrastructure, therefore, many factors [...]