ISC Group, LLC announces the release of ISC-CHS( Call Home Service), its new Oracle SUN StorageTek SL8500 tape library remote monitoring tool.

Easy to add to any new or existing hardware maintenance agreement with ISC Group, the ISC-CHS™ (Call Home Service) software performs many tasks for you:

  • Monitor the health and proper function of your StorageTek SL8500* Tape Library, including tape drives, robotic arm, fans, power supplies and any other hardware related problems, even stuck tapes
  • Perform remote inventory of your StorageTek SL8500 Tape Library components
  • Ensure 24/7 protection of your critical information systems by alerting you as soon as problems occur
  • Avoid costly downtime by allowing ISC Support Team to remotely access and troubleshoot your system promptly and securely
  • Free up your IT staff to focus on other critical tasks in your organization

Read more about the ISC-CHS remote monitoring tool for the Oracle SUN StorageTek SL8500 tape library.