ISC Group, LLC announces the release of  its new Hitachi SUN and HP disk arrays remote monitoring tool. Proprietary to ISC Group, the ISC-CHS (Call Home Service) remote monitoring and maintenance software tool is now available for several models of Hitachi / HP / SUN disk arrays:

– Hitachi models:

  • Mid Range: 9570, 9585,
  • Enterprise: 7700E, 9910, 9960, 9970V, 9980V, USP, USPV, USPVM, NSC55
  • Modular: AMS200, AMS500, AMS1000, AMS2100, AMS2300, AMS2500

– HP models: XP48, XP128, XP512, XP1024, XP10000, XP12000, XP2000, XP24000

– Sun models: SE9910, SE9960, SE9970, SE9980, SE9985, SE9985V, SE9990, SE9990V

The ISC-CHS tool only requires an internet connection or a dedicated phone line to function. ISC support engineers can install it remotely  or a local field engineer can download it from a FTP link or CD ROM into the unit’s integrated laptop or internal server (SVP) for the enterprise units, or a network PC for the mid-range and modular units. This will allow the tape library to connect with the ISC remote monitoring servers.

Read more about ISC-CHS for Hitachi, SUN and HP disk arrays.