LC Fiber Connector

Developed by Lucent Technologies, the LC (Lucent Connector) is popular among electronics manufacturers because of its small size and strong performance. LC connectors are usually held together with a plastic clip to offer duplex configuration and can fit in the footprint of an SC or ST connector. Its small size makes the LC an ideal candidate for data center environments, where port density and space savings are valuable. The LC is also the favored connector for single-mode and laser-optimized multimode applications.

SC Fiber Connector

Developed in Japan by NTT (Japanese telecommunications company), the SC fiber connector features a push-on/pull-off mating mechanism, making it easier to use than the twist-style ST fiber connector, and allows for higher density installations. Featuring a square shape, two SC connectors can be held together by a plastic clip to offer a duplex connection (). SC fiber connectors are a popular choice in fast Ethernet and Gigabit environments where space constraints are not a concern.

ST Fiber Connector

Originally developed by AT&T, the ST fiber connector was one of the first connectors to be widely implemented in fiber optic networking installations. The “ST” stands for Straight Tip, which describes the twist-on/twist-off bayonet-style mechanism that keeps the connector in place. Extremely popular in the 1980s and early 90s, the ST is being replaced by smaller connectors that allow for denser installations.
FDDI Fiber ConnectorThe FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) connector, also known as a MIC (Media Interface Connector) is used in a variety of networking applications.This duplex fiber optic connector features a floating interface and a rigid shroud to protect connections.

FC/PC Fiber Connector

Designed for use in high-vibration environments, the FC/PC has been a highly popular single-mode fiber-optic connector for many years. It screws on firmly and a key prevents the fiber from rotating when mating connectors. More popular SC and LC connectors are slowly replacing the FC/PC fiber connector.

ESCON Fiber Connector

Introduced by IBM in the early 1990s, the ESCON (Enterprise Systems Connection) fiber connector is used to connect IBM mainframe computers to disk storage and tape drives. ESCON is an optical fiber, half-duplex, serial interface and is slowly being replaced by faster FICON, which runs over Fibre Channel.

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